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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Parts of the Ears and Their Functions

A. Subject Name: Science and Health

B. Lesson Reference No.: Grade 3

C. Lesson Title: Parts of the Ears and Their Functions

D. Lesson Description:
The lesson will cover the main parts of the human ear and the function of each part.

E. Learning Outcome:
At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to
  • identify the main parts of the ear
  • tell the function of each part
  • explain how the ears work
  • appreciate the importance of sense of hearing

F. Learning Presentation:

You've learned that we get most informations through the sense of sight. If you close your eyes, or if you are in a very dark place, can you still be aware what happens around you? Yes, you can use your sense of hearing. And that will be our topic for today - the main parts of the ears. Click on the link below to go to sound safari. Make sure your headsets are ready or the PC speakers are on.


The links below present the human ear and its main parts.



Now here is another link that illustrates again the main parts of the ear. This also explains how we hear sounds.


Want to know more about hearing? This will further deepen your learning about hearing.


G. Learning Activity:

Now answer the activity on the next link.


H. Learning Evaluation:

Ready for our short test? Go to our quizstation...


I. Assignment:

Based on the different materials you have studied from the links, make a 5-sentence paragraph telling the importance of the sense of hearing.


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